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Semon on the Mount

“Trust His Wisdom: Living in the New Year”
A Sunday Morning Sermon Series

What if we, as followers of Jesus, really obeyed Jesus teachings? What if we allowed the deep teaching of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 to deeply penetrate our hearts and minds? Imagine a world where the meek are blessed, where Jesus’ followers “light” the way and “salt “ the culture. Imagine heart obedience that far exceeds mere external adherence to moral demands. Imagine if we prayed as Jesus taught us, trusted Him through and beyond worrying and built our lives on the solid rock of His teaching! What are we waiting for? Join us each week for “Trust His Wisdom: Living New in the New Year,” a six-week sermon series from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

February 1
Matthew 7:1-14
“A New Perspective”

February 8
Matthew 7:15-27
“A New Obedience”

Prodigal God

Beginning February 8 for Five Weeks
Everyone in our FBC community is wanted to take part in a Bible study series – The Prodigal God. Our hope is for us to grow deeper in our faith and become more like Christ together. The pastors have set a goal of 20 groups and at least 200 participants in this five-week study. 

Sign Up Sunday #2, February 1 in the Foyer
You are welcome to try a new group or try a group for the first time. Find a group from the list below or contact Mike Parrett, 816-694-4850, to get a group going by the week of February 8. 

We are asking everyone to show their commitment to going deeper in their faith by signing up for a Prodigal God group on February 1 in the foyer.

Prodigal God Books
The Prodigal God
in paperback is available through the church for $10. Having a book and reading along with the study is encouraged but is not required. Pre-order a book by calling or texting 816-694-4850 by February 1 and your copy should be available February 8.

The Prodigal God groups
As of 1/28/15





Wideman, Tom


Monday/ 6:30 PM

Wideman residence

Parrett, Mike

Church on the Porch

Tuesday/6:00 PM

Front foyer

Bickford, Amy

Women’s Bible Study

Wednesday/6:00 PM


Pennington, Tiger

Pastor's Grou

Wednesday/6:30 PM

Lower East Fellowship

Allen, Lisa

NKCSD Transportation

Thursday/6:30 PM

Allen residence

Sensabaugh, Tim & Michele

Thrive Sr. High & College Students, 20-30s Friday/6:15 PM Panera (Creekwood Commons)

Feeback, Charlene/Cooley, Pam

Soaring Singles

Saturday/4:00 PM

Feeback residence

Flaws, Laura

Middle Families Women

Sunday/9:30 AM


Fuehring, John/ Engemann, Kurt

Young Couples

Sunday/9:30 AM


Howell, James


Sunday/9:30 AM

Mission House

Reynolds, Patrick


Sunday/9:30 AM


Roll, Butch

Middle Families

Sunday/9:30 AM


Skaggs, Trent/ Niffen, Bill

Young Families

Sunday/9:30 AM


Toussaint, Peggy


Sunday/9:30 AM


Mann, Bev


Sunday/10:45 AM


Travis, Pauline Wisdom Years-Women Sunday/10:45 AM Lower East

Stith, Spencer


Sunday/6:15 PM


White Scott, Kelli

Thrive Students

Sunday/ 6:15 PM

Youth Center