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It's All About Jesus

A Sunday Morning Sermon Series

"It's All About Jesus" is an exciting sermon series where we experience the wide, welcome, deep love and transforming forgiveness of our Lord week after week. Wherever Jesus walked, people crowded around Him, yearning to hear His compassionate words of life wisdom, see the look in His eyes or feel the healing in His touch. Jesus drew a crowd wherever He went. During "It's All About Jesus," commit to being in the "crowd" each week and bring someone with you. Don't just invite people to church; invite them to Jesus!

April 26   "Jesus Goes to Death Row"
                John 8:1-11

May 3     "Jesus and the Untouchables"
                Mark 1:40-45

May 10   "Are We Afraid of Jesus?"
               Mark 5:1-20

May 17   "Jesus' Walking Words"              
               Mark 2:1-12

May 24  "Jesus Welcomes an Enemy of the State"
               Mark 2:13-17

May 31    Tiger out of town

June 7     "Jesus Sets the Religious Right"
                Luke 7:36-50

June 14   "The Manners of Jesus"
                Luke 19:1-10

June 21   "Jesus Makes Us Blind So We Can See"
                Acts 9:1-9

June 28    "A Rocky Testimony"
                 The Peter Monologue

5:00-7:00 PM
Come for fun. Come for fellowship. Come to show Christ to our community and to serve our neighbors. Hot dogs and bottled water are provided.