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Upcoming Events

5:00-7:00 PM
Come for fun. Come for fellowship. Come to show Christ to our community and to serve our neighbors. Hot dogs and bottled water are provided. Set-up is at 5:00 PM. We serve at 6:00 PM. Pick-up is 7:00 PM.

Past Forward

"Past Forward is a four week sermon series focused on God’s faithfulness in the past encouraging our faithful action in the present and future.” Joseph remembered God’s favor in Pharaoh’s house as he sought the courage and trust to forgive his brothers. Moses recalled the sacred and shoeless holy ground of his call as he went to Pharaoh to be the human voice of divine liberation. Young teenager David trusted that the God who delivered him from the lion and the bear would grant him victory over the giant Goliath. And remembering the loving charge from Jesus, “Feed my sheep,” Peter who denied “past forwarded” to boldly proclaim the resurrected Christ at Pentecost and beyond.  As we prepare to celebrate 100 years, cherishing our past; embracing our future, let’s remember to “past forward.”                                           

August 28                   Moses: “Trusting the Power of God’s Call”
September 4               David:  “Faithing the Giants”
September 11             Peter:  “From Cowardice to Courage”