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Disaster Relief

Contact: Spencer Stith

Through the FMO we collect money to be utilized to help support relief efforts whenever natural or man-made disaster strikes in the United States. There are also opportunities to be trained to become a volunteer who could be mobilized at short notice to respond to a disaster relief need. An FMO supported ministry.

Friendship Baptist Center

Contact: Dean or Susan Stith

Our church financially supports the work of this inner-city ministry in Des Moines, Iowa.  There are opportunities for volunteer teams to work with center directors Mindy and Jon Jamison as well.  An FMO supported ministry.

Special Offerings

Our church helps to support the work of missionaries affiliated with the North American Mission Board as we give to the Faith Missions Offering (FMO). Specific percentages of FMO gifts received throughout the year are allocated for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, Missouri State Missions Offering, Missouri Baptist Special Care Homes, and Missouri Baptist Children's Homes which historically were collected at just one point in time during the year. Our giving trends show that through the FMO we have actually increased our church's financial support of these historic mission ventures. FMO supported ministries.