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Sandanski Boy

Casas por Cristo

Contact: Kurt and Ann Engemann

For over eight consecutive years, teams from our church have constructed houses for the poor in Juarez, Mexico in partnership with this organization in El Paso, Texas as well as local churches in Mexico.  Its name in Spanish means “Houses for (because of) Christ.” Their motto, “Building Homes, Changing Lives,” comes to life through teams of volunteers who go to Juarez and other cities in Mexico to build houses as a form of servant evangelism.

East Africa

Contact: John and Marcie Ricklefs

Our church has been involved in two projects in East Africa (in Kenya and Ethiopia) in the past three years which have involved construction, digging water wells, and medical ministries. We are currently in the exploration phase for our third project to return to East Africa in 2011. An FMO supported ministry.

Southeast Asia

Contact: Spencer Stith or Mike Parrett

Seeking ways to offer the love of Christ to an unreached remote people group in the Pacific Rim by praying for them and developing contacts in the region. Our church has sent two teams in the past 5 years to make contact with this group as well as to be involved with medical mission work in other countries in the region. An FMO supported ministry.

South Europe

Contact: Spencer Stith

Our church financially supports outreach to the Roma (gypsy) minorities in the more populated urban areas throughout South Europe. We are also exploring sending volunteer teams to do service projects in South Europe in 2011. We anticipate having people on each team who would work with both the Roma and the majority peoples in the area (e.g. Macedonian, Bulgarian, etc.).  An FMO supported ministry.

Special Offerings

Our church helps to support the work of missionaries affiliated with the International Mission Board as we give to the Faith Missions Offering (FMO). Specific percentages of FMO gifts received throughout the year are allocated for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® and Word Hunger funds which historically were collected at just one point in time during the year. Our giving trends show that through the FMO we have actually increased our church's financial support of these historic mission ventures.