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The Woman’s Missionary Union® or WMU is an organization that strives to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. Since its beginning in 1888, WMU has been true to its basic purpose: missions. Our church participates in the national movement through local groups that gather to educate and mobilize our church to be on mission.


Through conferences, ministry ideas and models, volunteer opportunities, curriculum for age-level organizations and leadership training, WMU helps our church stay on course as we attempt to be a community of Jesus followers impacting others around the world starting in our neighborhood. Take the opportunity to get involved in one of our WMU groups. 


The FMO (or Faith Missions Offering) is a mechanism whereby our church can collect voluntary offerings on a weekly basis and distribute them among the “one-time offering” categories that are traditionally given during a particular part of the year, say at Christmas time. 

Our own giving trends in this church show that our members give more to missions as the opportunities are spread out over the year than they did during just a traditionally dedicated season for such gifts.

The FMO also enables our church to create a funding source for other local, national and international mission opportunities that our church members are already involved with. All of these monies are external to our regular church budget. 

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We have Local, National and International ministry teams led by our members who help coordinate various ministry outreach opportunities in the local, national and international contexts.